Welcome, Mama!


Hello and congratulations! I'm Rebecca Burditt, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Certified Nutrition Consultant (CNC), Certified GAPS™ Practitioner (Gut and Psychology Syndrome™), Postpartum Doula, and Founder of Breastfeeding U, a space dedicated to providing mamas like you with current, evidence-based integrative breastfeeding wellness and education.   

Why Holistic Breastfeeding Wellness & Education?

My approach to breastfeeding wellness and education focuses on an integrative (fusion between conventional 'Western' and holistic 'Eastern' therapies) approach and bringing instinct and intuition back into the breastfeeding relationship. Each day in my private lactation practice I see mamas with a number of breastfeeding challenges and concerns that can't always be completely resolved through traditional lactation techniques. In these cases, although different mamas might present with the same breastfeeding challenge, treatment options often differ and sometimes it is a more holistic approach that helps mama better reach her breastfeeding goals.  


My own journey into the wonderful world of lactation management began over a decade ago. As a mom who has birthed and breastfed five babies (including a set of triplets) myself, I understand how amazing this time can be with the right kind of education and support, but also realize that each baby comes with their own personality, unique feeding behaviors and potential challenges. Nursing my first little one (luckily) was so easy-peasy it was hard to imagine why everyone didn’t do it. Breastfeeding premature triplets was definitely a different story (hello pump…it’s nice to meet you?). And then there was baby #5. Well, let’s just say if he was my first, I like to hope I would have continued breastfeeding since we certainly experienced so many (very painful) challenges while trying to find our groove.

It is through my personal breastfeeding journey and my professional lactation education where my passion to educate, empower and support mamas as they transition into motherhood meet. Armed with the right tools and information, you will be better equipped at getting the breast start possible :) It is time to become your own best lactivist. I am so glad you are here!


Breastfeeding U is for...well, YOU! Here you will find tips, tricks, resources, and support to help further your success during your breastfeeding journey. My goal is to help make your transition into breastfeeding and motherhood a little less mysterious and to find easy, everyday solutions to the questions and concerns I hear from my clients each day. So, what does that mean? I want to hear from you!!! Come join me and this incredible community of mamas even if you just want to say 'hello!'

In health & happy nipples!