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Are you ready to take the most COMPREHENSIVE Prenatal Breastfeeding Course around?

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The Step-by-step eCourse on How to Breastfeed like a BOSS!





Does any of this sound familiar?...

  • You’ve heard the tales all about how breastfeeding hurts. Or you’ve been told that sore, cracked nipples are just something you have to “deal” with if you want to breastfeed.

  • Your mom, sister, BFF, or perhaps a even a neighbor down the street told you that they didn’t have enough milk to feed their baby and you’re worried the same will happen to you.

  • You’re concerned there might be too many restrictions if you exclusively breastfeed. Will it require a special diet? Will someone else be able to give baby a bottle in order to get some extra sleep?

  • And most of all, you want to have a real community with other nursing mamas AND an experienced professional to share your experiences with and get accurate answers to your questions.


Did you raise your hand to any (or all) of the above? Then you are SO in the right place.


 I hear you, mama!

(You’re definitely not alone.)

But you know what? You’ve totally got this…and I’m here to help!

I want you to take a moment and imagine…

  • If your breastfeeding experience was not only pain-free, but was actually even pleasant.

  • If you knew the exact steps to take during the first few days and weeks of breastfeeding in order to build a long-term, robust milk supply.

  • If you did end up experiencing issues regarding sore nipples, low milk supply, dietary and sleep concerns, & so much more; you had real solutions OR knew who to turn to for the right type of support.

  • If you were part of an awesome nursing mama tribe - including a lactation consultant - that was there to support and encourage you during any highs or lows throughout your breastfeeding journey.

  • And, imagine if you could do all of this without ever leaving your couch.


Here’s my little secret…It’s all totally possible!

Seriously, you can do this!

Rebecca is amazing! She is the perfect combination of knowledgeable and friendly. She was easily able to accurately assess the lactation issues my baby and I were having and gave really good advice.
— Michelle R.
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Learn how to become a rockstar breastfeeder all from the comfort of your own home!

THE BREASTFEEDING MASTERCLASS will empower you with the education, support and tools you need to help you achieve your breastfeeding goals with total confidence.

The course is delivered 100% online with forever access, so you can join us during the 6-week period the course is live or you can binge-watch it later. The best part is (unlike in-person breastfeeding classes) if you miss a key point or want to review a topic later, you can go back and repeat the modules as needed.

The course is lead by Rebecca Burditt, Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Certified Nutrition & Holistic Sleep Consultant, Certified GAPS™ Practitioner, and instructor of the Integrative Breastfeeding Educator certification program through the International Maternity & Parenting Institute. Rebecca has worked with thousands of mothers to help reach their breastfeeding goals using the exact teachings offered in this course.

THE BREASTFEEDING MASTERCLASS is a one of a kind prenatal breastfeeding course unlike any other that offers a unique perspective combining current, evidence-based lactation education with a holistic wellness approach that integrates additional topics such as real food nutrition, establishing healthy sleep habits, self-care matters, and more in order to promote healthy breastfeeding relationships.

Let’s rock your breastfeeding journey together!

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for


This 6-week course is jam-packed full of goodness!

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The re-launch of THE BREASTFEEDING MASTERCLASS is being offered at it’s lowest rate ever for a limited time only.

Hurry & take advantage of this special discounted rate before it’s gone for good!

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn in each of the 6 modules:


WEEK #1: Breastfeeding Prep 101

  • Prenatal Prep & Birth Matters

  • Creating Your Sanctuary

  • Master Your Breastfeeding Plan

  • Breastfeeding Benefits for Mom & Baby

  • Anatomy & Physiology of Breastfeeding

  • The Hormones of Lactation

  • ‘The First 48’ Hours



WEEK #2: Breastfeeding Matters

  • Composition of Human Milk

  • How Milk is Made

  • Establishing a Robust Milk Supply

  • How to Achieve a Good Latch

  • Positions for Effective Nursing

  • Assessing Milk Intake & Output

  • Feeding On Cue vs. Scheduled Feedings

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WEEK #3: Establishing a Successful Start

  • Infant Feeding Cues

  • Reflexes in the Breastfed Infant

  • Hand Expression of Breastmilk

  • Supplementing, Pumping & Storage Guidelines

  • Building a Relationship/Bonding with Baby

  • Preparing for Success

  • Finding Your Nursing Mama Tribe


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WEEK #4: Real Food Mama

  • Optimal Nourishment & Real Food Matters

  • Foods that Build a Healthy Baby

  • Replenishing Nutrients for Postpartum Healing

  • Nutritional Demands of Breastfeeding

  • The Truth About Hydration

  • Postpartum Weight Loss & Loving Your Body

  • Benefits of Meal Planning for the Nursing Mama


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WEEK #5: Sweet Sleep

  • Waking a Sleeping Baby

  • Safe Sleep & Bedsharing Controversies

  • Infant Sleep and Wake Cycles

  • Realistic Expectations & Respecting Baby

  • Surviving Nighttime Feedings

  • Nursing Mamas Do Get More Sleep!

  • Sleep Solutions for the Breastfeeding Family


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WEEK #6: Mama Wellness

  • The ‘Forth Trimester’

  • A Traditional Approach to Postnatal Recovery

  • Hormones & Rebuilding Emotional Well-Being

  • Self-Care Supports Successful Breastfeeding

  • Movement & Exercise for the Nursing Mama

  • Discovering Self-Love

  • Reclaiming Intimacy with Your Partner While Breastfeeding


 Want bonuses? No problem!

Registering for THE BREASTFEEDING MASTERCLASS eCourse will not only give you access to all 6 modules, with video tutorials, worksheets and more, but you'll also get these bonuses, for free.


The Breastfeeding ‘Common Concerns’ Guide

Got breastfeeding problems? I’ve got you covered.


The Partner/Dad Breastfeeding Mini Class


Nourishing Meal Plan to Replenish Mom


Lifetime Access & Free Updates to the Course

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 Of course, the choice is yours...

You can spend time and energy trying to find all of this info out on your own (while also trying to sift through all of this information in order to determine whether it’s breastfeeding fact or fiction).


You could steal my tips & tricks AND years of experience - including advanced, lactation education and clinical care - in supporting thousands of breastfeeding moms get real results and get their breastfeeding journeys off to the best start possible.

Think about your breastfeeding goal(s) and why it’s important for you to personally reach them.

Do you have a plan to get there?

You can use the step-by-step process I teach in THE BREASTFEEDING MASTERCLASS to help you achieve your breastfeeding goals easier than you thought was possible.

What will you choose? :)

 Meet your instructor, Rebecca

 Rebecca Burditt, IBCLC

Hey there! I’m Rebecca Burditt, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Certified Nutrition & Sleep Consultant, Certified GAPS™ Practitioner (Gut and Psychology Syndrome™), Postpartum Doula, and breastfeeding instructor of the Integrative Breastfeeding Educator certification program offered through the International Maternity & Parenting Institute. 

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Due to the instant-access nature of the private support group & digital course at a DRASTICALLY reduced rate during this Beta Test phase, there are no refunds and all purchases are final.

Rebecca was my savior during the early weeks/months of my breastfeeding journey. She was loving, warm, gentle and always available when I felt defeated. Thank you Rebecca for believing in me and being the best support partner on this journey. You are invaluable!
— Sylvana P.
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Expectant first time AND second time (or more) mamas who are passionate about reaching their breastfeeding goals.

Perhaps you’re expecting your first baby and don’t know where to start. Maybe you’re pregnant with your second (or more) baby and didn’t have the right kind of information and support to make your prior breastfeeding experience(s) successful. Wherever you’re coming from, this course will definitely help you better reach your breastfeeding goals.

Mamas looking for a prenatal breastfeeding course offering a unique approach by covering topics not usually found in most typical breastfeeding classes.

I’ve sat through many prenatal breastfeeding classes myself over the years covering the basics. This course offers so much more! After listening to the clients I’ve worked with; I know the nutrition, sleep, etc. questions that are so commonly asked by new mamas and this course provides the answers.

Mamas wanting on-going support from an awesome community of other nursing moms (& a lactation consultant) to share experiences with and get questions answered.

Did you know that the right kind of support coupled with accurate information are the key ingredients to a successful breastfeeding outcome? This course offers both!

Pregnant mamas who want to go back and review key points offered in their breastfeeding class after baby arrives.

I hear this all…the…time! Baby arrives and is ready to feed and it would be SO helpful if mama could go back and review what was said during her prenatal breastfeeding class. Well, that is totally possible with this course!

Busy mamas who don’t have the time or energy to attend one more in-person class.

I feel ya! I wouldn’t want to attend another late evening class after a long day at work. This course can be taken at home, at your convenience, and you don’t even have to get dressed! ;)

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The nursing mama who is currently having breastfeeding problems.

This course is mainly geared towards pregnant mamas who are looking for breastfeeding education before baby arrives. If you are early on in your breastfeeding journey though and feel you can benefit from solid information and support, then you may still find this course to be very beneficial. (NOTE: The main focus of this course though is NOT to go into depth on how to fix specific breastfeeding problems).

A pregnant or breastfeeding mama looking for a personalized breastfeeding plan.

Although this class does provide a private support group to get your basic questions answered as possible issues arise, every mother/baby dyad has a different medical history & background. If you are experiencing specific breastfeeding challenges, please seek the advice of a private lactation consultation.

Any new mama who is not intending on breastfeeding, but only plans on pumping.

Every mama’s breastfeeding journey looks a little different and exclusively pumping is, of course, a very valid way to feed and nourish your baby. However, while pumping basics are definitely covered in this course, if you are looking for a class that goes into more depth on exclusively pumping, this course does NOT do so.


Don’t wait until a breastfeeding problem occurs before you to try and figure it all out.

Get in the know before baby arrives!

Join us for this awesome opportunity today!



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